Team sports?

Minister of state for the Olympics - that must have sounded like a sweet job to Mary McNeil when the rocky legislator and former British Columbia Cancer Foundation boss was named to cabinet over the summer. This was her chance to go for the glory of reflected gold, sharing the podium with the world's top athletes while basking in the glow of the Olympic torch.

But who did I see on NBC's Today Show earlier this week carrying that torch? Well, it wasn't Minister McNeil. It was the premier catching softball questions from the likes of Al Roker and Matt Laurer. Meanwhile, on Wednesday and Thursday, Minister McNeil was dodging hardballs from the opposition and the media about whether government-purchased Olympic tickets would find their way into the hands of Liberal friends and insiders.

So what must have sounded like a sweet job seems to have turned sour. Because when you're paying for the premier, there is an "I" on his Olympic team. And that "I" is Gordon Campbell.



Aaah, yeah.

In other news, instead of funding autism treatment - BC Place gets a new roof. The province - meaning BC taxpayers from Victoria to Prince George, from Langley to the Queen Charlotte Islands - will be chipping in "with a 40-year $458 million loan to PavCo from the province" (SOURCE).

It sure explains some of the anger I've heard, re: EIBI takeaway and anybody trying to defend it (that's why parents in support have gone quiet - they know they'll be outed, slammed and blasted to kingdom come by some of the more mean people). It sure puts our hero Minister Polak in a tough spot when there's an I on the team and it's name is the Vancouver clique.

Not that the Olympics will be bad - best to enjoy them @ this point, but the BC Place roof or autism funding + other MCFD needs when PavCo can pay for its own roof? To parody Bill Clinton: "GIVE. ME. A. BREAK."

Poor Mary Polak, she could use a wingman or wingwoman right now.

Josef K: I often see you speaking positively of Mary Polak. Why are you such a fan of hers? I'm genuinely curious.

Reid, I just think she had the guts to stand up & fight when the BCLib cause was days, possibly hours from going under thanks to lead feet last April and deserves some help, some air support from us when the going gets tough. I also like libertarians slashing gov't waste like bureaucrats instead of health care plus defending individual choice :-). Mary's my kind of liberal on most issues, let me put it that way.

To get back on track: I was just posting a whine that while sports is getting zillions in funding, tickets are being given out unfairly (I'd just give every MLA X amount of tickets equally and let them do what they wish - and most of them would use them for charitable purposes). There's also the BC Place roof loan which is nice, but w/ EIBI being cut + MCFD getting an increase so small it's laughable... there are better priorities. Not to mention the growing BC deficit... and the responsibilities of the Olympics that this Premier is passing off on.

If PavCo needs a government loan, it should come from the City of Vancouver, period. Let the province loan itself the money it needs for autism treatment now so the province isn't paying much more later and MCFD is becoming a leaky condo or an aging, undermaintained ship of state.

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