Situational unawareness

Yesterday was the second day in a row Solicitor General Kash Heed pled ignorance in the legislature in a response to a question from the opposition. On Wednesday, he wasn't able to confirm the RCMP's integrated illegal gaming enforcement team had been shutdown - something that happened in April and was reported on by Public Eye. Nor, on Thursday, had he heard of the RCMP looking into a Cowichan sweater protest - even though that issue has been canvassed in the press and would have been part of his media clippings. Asked about the matter, the solicitor general said, "I wouldn't want to delve into some minute operational side of this. And I leave that up the experts in the integrated security unit for them to do it. I'm operating at the higher policy level."


I guess his receptionist has to barge in and tell him...

Kash, line one, Shachi Kurl wants to expense steel toed shoes after yesterday's chase. Make sure to pay her yourself and send flowers.

Kash, line two, somebody from the phantom PAB wants to take the weekend off and go fly a Parkzone P-51 but you're keeping him tied to the iPhone set to PublicEyeOnline.

Kash, line three, Sean Holman. I understand he'd like you on Sunday morning, 0800 on CFAX. Free advice: GO!

Does this fellow know anything? It seems that the way to confuse him is to ask a question. He should go to the pab school, and learn to lie and deflect heat.

One wonders just what"Higher level" the ex cop works in? Gordo sure has picked a great bunch for the job. A ex cop who was the subject of a police complaint, a ealier guy who was famous for his speeding tickets,and the guy before than who is still under investigation for some land deals. Is there no one in the Liberal gang who can answer a real question, or stay out of trouble? Please advise

Avoter, as to, "Is there no one in the Liberal gang who can answer a real question" - try Mary Polak. Here's a YouTube sample.

As to "Stay out of trouble?" defends on your definition of trouble. If trouble is slamming the burners, ripping up the sky, earning YouTube instant replays, and stopping shaking of babies; sorry Mary Polak is not your pick.

If trouble is breaking barriers every day, well Stephanie Cadieux is not your type.

If trouble is smacking down the NDP for taxpayer-funded fast ferries that are on barges to the United Arab Emirates, then Shirley Bond isn't for you.

If trouble is being a rowdy to the point of rude, Mike de Jong, Rich Coleman and Kevin Falcon are not premier material.

If trouble is being a recovering alcoholic man enough to apologize for a DUI and commit to Diet Coke instead of the bottle, well then Gordon Campbell is not man enough for you.

I hope I gave good counsel.

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