Ticket to hide

Press gallery members had some sport with Minister of State for the Olympics Mary McNeil today. Here's the setup: yesterday, the provincial New Democrats revealed the government would be buying 2010 Winter Olympic Games tickets which MLAs and cabinet ministers could use "for the purposes of hosting business leaders and dignitaries." But the number and total cost of those tickets was suppressed when that plan was released in response to a freedom of information request. Under questioning in the legislature, Minister McNeil said 3,000 would be purchased at a cost of more than $900,000. But what will happen to the tickets that aren't used? That's what reporters wanted to know earlier this afternoon - which is when things started to wrong for Minister McNeil.

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The woman is in over her head. Her story changes by the minute and her only way to keep her on message is to tell us about what a great opportunity this circus is for BC.
Your video's of the scrums work well Sean. I'm suprised they let any of you folks even near this person

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