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The press gallery got some exercise today when Solicitor General Kash Heed wouldn't stop to comment on a RCMP visit to Cowichan Lake resident Dianne Hinkley. Ms. Hinkley is organizing a rally where participants will wear authentic Cowichan sweaters to protest the Hudson's Bay Company's decision to dress Canadian Olympians in what have been described as knockoffs. In fact, the solicitor general was in such a rush to get to his office, he even accidentally opened its door on A-Channel legislative reporter Shachi Kurl's foot - who, by the way, led the media pack while wearing two-and-a-half inch heels. But, in scrum with reporters about ten minutes later, the solicitor general said he hadn't spent that time looking into the Cowichan sweater issue. Instead, he was "just on the phone. I had to call my daughter. My little two-year-old daughter."

In the scrum that followed, the solicitor general also said he doesn't think he's in a conflict of interest regarding Bill 7, which strengthens the police company commission process. Nevertheless, he won't be participating in any further debate surrounding that proposed legislation.


Loved the chase :-). Wish Shachi a full recovery, but it was fun to watch the cop chase! Needs to happen more often - and with people like Mary Polak + Lana Popham + Gordon Campbell who can play on even terms.

Again, great chase!

He best be careful as those Cowichan women knitters have long needles and may not take kindly to being questioned by the fuzz. The guy would be better off doing the old"It's before the courts" routine Wally used to use. The BC voters sure elect some strange folks to represent them

Now there's a real reporter!

I especially love the Google ad that has so aptly popped up on the right of your post advertising the killer YSL stilettos!

(And who's the scary blonde guarding & recording all the ministers when you film these scrums, Sean? Are they always so closely watched and herded?)

The blonde held the recorder for Minister McNeil in the other clip. She is one of the minders assigned to shepherd Liberal ministers, protect them from themselves and record all comments made to the media. When someone wanders off script, they can rush the tapes over to PAB for analysis and preparation of new talking points aimed at repairing any damage.

Politicians cannot be left alone. That might result in someone sliding down a banister, dating a teenager, offering a one finger salute or, even worse, speaking an unvetted personal opinion.

I for one am glad Kash Heed is working on the big policies and ignoring petty little issues like police intimidation of private citizens. This nascent plan for a sweater, vest and tuque wear-in sounded like one of the more dangerous plots to me. Who knows where that could lead.

Seriously though, this reflects my real thoughts:


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