Seeing no evil

The minister responsible for British Columbia Lotteries Corp. doesn't think there's a "ton of criminal activity" being conducted at the province's casinos. In an exclusive interview with Public Eye, the former commander of British Columbia's integrated illegal gaming enforcement team Fred Pinnock also said BC Lotteries security and the government's gaming inspectors don't appear to be having much of an impact on those activities. But, speaking with reporters today, Housing and Social Development Minister Rich Coleman said, "I totally disagree with him, actually."

"In every casino in B.C. we have the highest security - both visual and people on site. If you ever go into a casino, you'll find that we spend millions of dollars on all kinds of cameras and monitoring and stuff like that. We have people on site working 24/7. We also a very, very sophisticated team of people that do the investigations on gaming in B.C. that actually integrate with police. So I just disagree with what his assessment was."

As for Mr. Pinnock's team, Minister Coleman said "I was the one that actually thought it would work initially and I didn't. The reason being it was never fully-staffed and people were transferring in and out on a pretty regular basis to the point where it was ineffective. So I felt it was better we had dedicated officers in the (ministry's gaming policy and enforcement branch) - which we do."

"Most of them are senior former police officers with very good investigative abilities who do our gaming investigations in B.C," he continued. "And we integrate them back with the organized crime teams and those sort of people. So I'm comfortable with the model we have."

And that's why he "brought (the integrated illegal enforcement team) back in."

Earlier, Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokesperson Rob Vermeulen stated the decision to shutdown the team was made by its consultative board.


Good god! Coleman defending his chicken coop. He is the same guy that upped the limit for on-line from 150 per week to $9999.00. Which if were over 10 grand would alert the feds. Hmmm why is it just below you ask? Allows people to launder money more easier. What a disgrace he is!

I loved the reaside cartoon named."The Liberals expand gambling in BC"
Shows a older man with a walker and a chap looking like Coleman with a twenty buck bill,saying.. "I bet you twenty bucks your hip replacement surgury is postponed again" The man has no shame

Good work by Rich Coleman defending his portfolio. Obviously not going to be the next Premier, but holding down Fort Langley quite well.

Coleman defending anything simply doesn't fly. He gave away a large chunk of Vancouver Island with zero benefit to the BC Citizens. He orded the amalgamation of the Esquimalt Police and Fire service with Victoria. Seems Esquimalt wasn't too pleased about losing their fire department and ended getting sued by Victoria when Esquimalt wouldn't allow the fire service amalgamation. The citizens of Equimalt paid heavily for breaking a contract. More blunders by Coleman but why bother mentioning them. Fort Langley would elect anyone but NDP each time so far.

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