Here's something Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games organizers should be paying attention to: Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union Local 378 members at Hastings Racecourse will be taking a strike vote beginning this week. This, being the same racecourse that will be forced to shutdown during the Games because of security concerns. But what happens if that vote passes and its unionized employees go on strike while the Olympics are underway?


No problem. We just declare the racetrack an essential service and threaten to jail or bankrupt anyone who doesn't get out of the way.

That, or perhaps martial law.

Hey Norman - for some of us Hastings Track is ALREADY an essential service! The problem with your solution is that if it were an essential service they'd have to keep it open, not closed, during the Olympics!

Perhaps COPE 378 should try for the essential service designation for the Track.

Lastly, don't we want foreign visitors to go to the Track and unload their wallets in BC while attending the Olympics?

Just how bush league are we?

Maybe CUPE 873 could park ambulances at the track. No stoppage at the track then.

Maybe we also need to make PublicEyeOnline an essential service and provide prevailing wage protections to Sean Holman :-).

Same to the MCFD & EIBI (sorry to "Rockette" Polak who is likely reading this, but EIBI is essential to autistics and I'm an Aspie). Some are conceding the fight, I'm not.

Same to CKNW/BCLibRadio. Let's see how Christy Clark reacts...

Catch my drift, eh? It's one thing to suppress public union strikes that hold taxpayers hostage, but this?!?

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