Point of Information on the Coast of Confusion

Earlier, we reported on the confusion surrounding Angus Reid Strategies Inc. research director Hamish Marshall's role at the provincial New Democrats' upcoming convention. But now you can keep track of the confusion for yourself. In an email to party members, convention chair Heather Harrison has announced organizers will be "blogging about the late nights and moments of inspiration (and insanity) that make convention happen." They've called their blog Point of Information. The following is a complete copy of that email.

Friend -

In just six weeks, New Democrats from across the province will come together to set the future of our party - and our province - in motion.

Convention is an exciting time for New Democrats - an opportunity to renew our party, to share ideas and discuss policy, and to hear from opinion makers from across the country. I'm excited that we'll be joined by two pioneers: Jerome Ringo, the chairman of the National Wildlife Federation and president of the Apollo Alliance will talk about how labour and environmental movements are working closely to build a sustainable, just economy in the US; and Rahaf Harfoush, a Toront-based strategist behind Barak Obama's ground-breaking new media campaign last year, will be sharing her insights and ideas on the future of social media campaigns.

We're doing something special in November, and I hope you will be a part of it.
Remember: you can save $50 if you register before October 26th.

In solidarity,
Heather Harrison
BCNDP Convention Chair

PS: You might be interested to learn what really goes on behind the scenes as we get ready for convention. Laura, Simone, Michael and I are blogging about the late nights and moments of inspiration (and insanity) that make convention happen.

We've called the blog Point of Information: check it out at http://pointofinformation.wordpress.com.

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If only the BCLibs would do this...

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