Attorney general seeks leave to appeal Frank Paul inquiry ruling

Public Eye has learned British Columbia's attorney general is seeking leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada a ruling that would see two Crown prosecutors testify in the Frank Paul inquiry. The commission is looking into why the prosecutors didn't lay charges against police in Mr. Paul's death. The British Columbia Court of Appeal ruled on July 23 that the principle of prosecutorial independence wouldn't prevent the commission from compelling that testimony.

In an interview with Public Eye, criminal justice branch spokesperson Neil MacKenzie stated, "The branch analyzed the decision of the court of appeal and felt that it raised issues of sufficient national importance that the branch felt it appropriate to seek leave to appeal."

That leave was filed on September 29.


The AG is appealing this case because, when the facts become known, public confidence in the administration of justice will decline further. The interim report of the Frank Paul Inquiry is shocking and the AG staff played a shameful role in the attempted cover-up. Failure to lay charges for the VPD's misconduct leading to Frank Paul's death is an offense against civilization. That is almost as appalling as the behavior of the VPD on the night Paul was dragged into the alley and abandoned to die. In the police view, J.A.D.I.

Read the report of Commissioner W.H. Davies and share in this province's shame.

The BC government would rather spend millions of taxpayer funds fighting for secrecy about the backroom dealings of the "injustice" system rather than lift up the rocks and become more accountable for the decision-making of it's minions.

You better believe there was political meddling and interference in whether charges would be filed against VPD members involved and that would have gone to the highest ranks of government and the VPD. Think about who was in office at the time. Therefore they must protect their own - over the interests of justice for Mr. Paul, his family and the integrity of our law enforcement and criminal justice systems in BC.

We can no longer claim to live in a civil, or civilized society in BC. The inmates are running the asylum, they are making the rules and they will protect their own until it is no longer expedient, or possible to do so. Then they will be thrown to the wolves as the sacrificial lamb. That is how things work in BC's disgraceful government under this administration. Have said it before, will say it again - we are subject to the most corrupt government in the history of BC and it's only when they are gone and can no longer hide their evil doings will we see the real truth of what they've done to damage BC for the next generations.

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