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Earlier, we reported rumours former provincial cabinet minister Moe Sihota would be running for the presidency of the provincial New Democrats. And here's another development that might add credence to that rumour: tomorrow, Mr. Sihota will be the guest speaker at a fundraising dinner for the party's Vancouver-Kensington constituency association. That's the same constituency association that has been promoting an effort to reform the New Democrats. The following is a complete copy of the announcement for that event.

Moving forward with Mable...
Vancouver-Kensington will be holding a fundraising dinner:

Saturday, October 17th @ 6pm
at the Royal Banquet Hall
2122 Kingsway, Vancouver

Special Guest: Mable Elmore (MLA, Vancouver-Kensington)
Guest Speaker: Moe Sihota (Canadian Broadcaster and former BC cabinet minister)

Tickets are $50 can can be purchased by contacting Bootz at 778-881-1958.

A tax receipt will be issued for a portion of the ticket cost.


The BC Liberals may actually start to get a little concerned if Moe starts getting active. Now that Moe's aged a bit, and gained a little perspective his significant intellect may have a chance over his massive ideological bent. If that's the case, this could be meaningful.

IMO the characteristic of Sihota that the modifiers "significant" and "massive" would most appropriately apply to is "ego".

Say what you will about Moe - when he was Minister of Environment back in the Harcourt years. The man got things done!

I guess I have to resubmit my comment with little to no hyperlinks, so I'll be brief this time. Moe is going to hopefully play a substantial role in repowering the NDP with some confidence. Put Lana Popham (small business, open gov't guru) as leader... and the old slam of "anti-business" will have harder time sticking with a cunning leader (sorry to some regulars, but I know somewhat the guy who made "For the Love of Gord 06" on YouTube that showed up Carole James' lies), while Moe works behind the scenes to mollify the "socialist hordes" :-).

I also think the BCLibs need some new leadership. The same old, same old is not going to last forever and the magic is slipping away... it doesn't help when BCLibs send our running back Polak to justify EIBI cuts with horribly inadequate data... or when the PacifiCats are taken to the UAE for yachts... or when the Premier's going to still be Premier for over 10 years next election... and everybody's going to wonder when the next tax reform will come down with little to no consultation with the hoi polloi. Gordon Campbell = John Howard in my book.

That said, Moe, come on down - and read up on the 2007 Aussie Election too!

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