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Earlier, we reported Angus Reid Strategies Inc. research director Hamish Marshall will be addressing the provincial New Democrats' upcoming convention. This, according to an email distributed to party members. But the New Democrats' Website also lists Royal Roads University communications and culture professor David Black as one of the convention's keynote speakers - a name not mentioned in the email send to party members last week. The draft page promotes International Union of Painters and Allied Trades District Council 38 and Now Communications Group Inc. as being the convention's sponsors.

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Okay, at this rate, I'll give the NDP Keynote. I can't stop laughing.

Here's the deal... $100K for letting me talk. $10K in advance so I can buy the limo and champagne.

$1 million if NDP wants me to not say the terrifying words M___ P____ during the Keynote :-). Instead, I'll talk all about the PacifiCats and how glorious they were... until they were sold to Abu Dhabi and we had to suffer in the Northwest several YouTubes (sample) of them waving that Mid East flag. Then I'll talk all about how the BCLibs ought to get with the 21st century of transparency and to close, I'll say that we ought to oppose any more reforms to B.C. because it's "the best place on Earth".

This is funny. And these guys want to run BC? THESE GUYS?!?

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