Lessons unlearned

Can you believe it? The Fraser Health Authority put someone who had been convicted of defrauding a non-profit society in charge of a $9 million budget. And now he's been accused to allegedly approving fraudulent invoices. Well, I can believe it. Because, in 2003, I learned the provincial government hired someone with a similar background to head up its interim authority for community living.

His name was Doug Walls. He was the premier's cousin-in-law. And he had been accused of fraud by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce - an accusation that dated from when he was a Prince George auto dealer. As a result of this and other revelations, Mr. Walls - who eventually pled guilty to that charge - was forced to resign.

Now, six years later, as a result of this latest scandal Health Minister Kevin Falcon - in a Saturday afternoon interview on CKNW - has said he personally thinks anyone who is working with "government dollars or contracts" should undergo a criminal record check. Well, great idea. But I'll believe it when I see it.


The BCLib team brought that editorial and then some on themselves. Good one, Sean.

A criminal record check before giving public servants the keys to the public treasury????

Well, duh!!!!

Except wouldn't that disqualify a bunch of their bosses, our esteemed MLAs? How many of those who sit on Treasury Board would NOT pass a criminal records check, by the way?

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