Forests and number ranges

On Sunday, we questioned if there's enough provincial funding available to cover the total and ongoing cost of clearing and thinning wooded areas that, if left alone, could increase the chances or severity of a wildfire. And, yesterday, during estimates debate Forests and Range Minister Pat Bell provided the answer.

Under questioning from New Democrat critic Norm Macdonald, Minister Bell said his staff would have to "collate the data" to find out the price tag for those fuel treatment projects - the most expensive part of a community wildfire protection plan.

But he acknowledge it is a "significant" number and one that "far outstrips the $14.5 million that remains" - in the fund managed by the Union of British Columbia Municipalities.

The minister acknowledged the government hasn't yet committed to putting more money into that fund. But "once it is depleted, certainly, we'll look at it."

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