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Yesterday, we reported Gordon Hogg opposed to restoring taxing authority to school boards when he was the provincial Liberals' education. So, now that Premier Gordon Campbell has floated that very idea, has his opinion changed? "As long as the province is able to develop a baseline of standards for the delivery of services, then I think it's worth looking at the option of whether or not there should be options of funding that may well be through a local taxation model," he told us on his way into a caucus meeting. "But some principles would have to be honoured before that would be something I would be in favour of supporting,"

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Has some alien force taken over Gordon Campbell? There's no way that School Boards should be given the power to tax. Just the HST, he seems to be desperate on raising taxes.

Surrounded by Federal Liberals the only solution he hears is to raise taxes. How about some real cuts...

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