Equal pay for equal work?

In a scrum earlier today, Gordon Campbell said his new deputy minister Allan Seckel will be making $265,500 - over $30,000 more than Jessica McDonald earned doing the same job during fiscal 2008/09. The premier also told reporters Ms. McDonald had approach him about leaving the civil service prior to the election.

Under the present compensation framework for top bureaucrats, Mr. Seckel could get a bonus of up to 10 percent, increasing his salary to $295,000. The maximum payable salary for the premier's deputy minister is $348,600.

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Nice to know there's some salary cap room left on the table in the provincial budget. How classy of BC's 1st Grandpa who now has to leave taking the sledgehammer to the NDP to Mary Polak! (I saw QP today, makes me turn up Manhattan Transfer's "Here Comes Mary"!)

Speaking of the BCLib Min for Children... I presume with 1 in 150 or is it now 1 in 100 kids in crisis my team would be taking from wherever we had to to put out the crisis, including from leftover salary caps. I'm sure BC's First Grandpa would concur...

So what crisis is this crisis I speak of? Try AUTISM.

Big rally Wednesday at 12:30 at Bastion Square in Victoria. Hope in my absence Sean you can make it.

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