Taking it to another level

If the provincial government restores taxing authority to school boards, it would reverse a position British Columbia's governing party took prior to winning office. On January 10, 2001, the Kamloops Daily News's Darshan Lindsay reported then opposition education critic Gordon Hogg told school officials in that city he would be opposed to the idea of school boards levying taxes. "I believe we should be funding through general revenues. Taxpayers don't want another level of taxation tacked on them."

And that wasn't the first time Mr. Hogg said so. On January 25, 2000, the newspaper reported Mr. Hogg "dismissed the idea of handing back taxation powers to local school boards and said B.C.'s Liberals believe education should be funded from one pot rather than many. 'There should be enough provincial funding to cover education costs and that would mean our preference would be not to move to any local taxation,' he said."

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