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If the Campbell administration restores the taxing authority for local school boards, it could make them more democratic and newsworthy. In an interview on Public Eye Radio, former Victoria school board chair Donna Jones explained before that authority was taken away in 1990, trustees "certainly got a lot of ink and a lot of opinions stated about what we were doing. People paid attention. Newspapers paid attention, I have to say. And it doesn't happen much anymore. People wrote letters to the editor. Everyone had strong opinions about what school boards were doing. And the makeup of school boards themselves was different than it is now."

"It seems to me that majority of people who decide they would like to be school trustees now tend mostly to come from parent groups or education groups," she continued. "And that's fine. That's wonderful. But the fact is when school boards had the ability to tax, a good many more in the general public paid attention to what was going on. They ran for different reasons. And, in fact, I think it almost made stronger boards in a way because, when people stay around long enough to find out what school boards actually do, basically they come on-side. And we had very strong voices around the boards - business community and other interests - who supported education and took the case to those who might be more inclined to listen in government."

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