Order of battle

Earlier, we reported pundit and former provincial New Democrat MLA was looking for a constituency association to sponsor a resolution requesting his party "develop and ratify, no later than December 1, 2010, appropriate regulations for the election" of a leader using its six-year-old one-member, one-vote system. And, in an interview this morning, David Schreck confirmed all three North Shore constituency associations have adopted that resolution.

Earlier, Mr. Schreck said that resolution wasn't the first shot in a possible future battle to unseat Carole James. But Simon Fraser University public policy analyst and former New Democrat administration deputy minister Doug McArthur offered a different interpretation: "David is a very clever and smart fellow. This is the first shot. This is the opening of the door. And no one should be fooled by that. It's encouraging the party and membership to start talking about a leadership contest. And that's fine. But this is the beginning of the questioning in the New Democratic Party."


Okay, who should lead the BCNDP?

I nominate Bill Tielman, he'll make sure Premier Campbell takes his retirement. The BCNDP need someone who's innovative & tough, not staid & boring.

Or if that fails, it has to be a fan of PublicEyeOnline. Oh, absolutely somebody who reads stuff in Brown Envelopes!

I'm not too sure who might get elected as NDP Leader but if the party is as democratic as it says it is, having the rank and file vote for who is to be boss, might be a very good idea. Could bring in more members as folks start to realise that they do have a voice in what's going on. If members are ignored most of the time, but now and again get a letter asking for more money, the urge to be all that faithful sort of drifts away. A lot of NDP supporters seem to have forgot to vote last time round. The present leader with the support of voters raised a pretty solid caucus. But coming second, gets you no cigar. Is she afraid to be tested by the ordinary party member? Great way to find out. Yes David is no fool and I sure support his idea. Let's see if the inner circle can be dragged into doing the same.

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