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The Campbell family's vacation home is now worth more than a million dollars. Premier Gordon Campbell's wife Nancy purchased that home - a two-storey waterfront home on Halfmoon Bay - in 2001. At the time, then Monday Magazine news editor Russ Francis reported she plunked down $375,000 in cash and took out a $175,000 mortgage. But, eight years later, that home has been assessed at $1.12 million.


Sean, just wondering, but who cares and why?

I guess it's interesting from the point of view of wondering where the money came from...
Poor Nancy, what she has to put up with.

I agree victrocity, the things the families of politicians have to bear. I can only imagine what Miriam Polak is going through @ the moment w/ her single mother being a hero last May versus being demonized & decimated now; what the Campbell kids go through when their dad is called a liar & much, much worse; what the James foster kids (yes, Carole James was a foster mom for 20 years and it's BC Foster Parent Month) must find through life with a mother who's the Leader of the Official Opposition; or what Laura Hansen feels when she hears H-S-T (probably a chill).

It's hell on the political families, I should know - son of a guy who stood for office twice and I've done political things in the real world quite a bit. So my thoughts are out to 'em. Harder on them than us gladiators.

That's one of the reasons why I don't appreciate personal attacks. It hurts the people around us more than us because we're inured to it. I also would appreciate it if personal information about politicians such as addresses, personal contact info, houses, etc. was not made public or at the least people paused before posting that kind of stuff and I'll stop there.

Josef - you're absolutely right about personal attacks having no place in civil discourse, though it's not always easy to remember in moments of anger and outrage. We need to keep the focus on the policies, not the personalities.

What is relevant, IMHO, about the Campbell home is that is shows where he's coming from when he makes policy decisions. People who have million-dollar second homes aren't worried about putting food on the table, paying the rent & finding change for the bus. If they have to fork out $3,000 for braces or $10,000 for therapy, it's a bummer, but a very manageable one - not a family crisis.

So it helps to explain why they "just don't seem to get it," as one Kamloops columnist put it today, when we try to convey to them how destructive their policies are to individual human lives. It explains why they don't seem to get how utterly frustrating it is to see $20 million thrown away on a building while families have to watch their children denied life-altering treatment. Or the stress facing others their age who have no savings and are waiting in vain for access to seniors' services such as long-term care.

It shows why Campbell's policies are all geared to protecting and enhancing the multi-million dollars real estate and investment portfolios of others like himself, now and in the future, with little regard for what happens in the meantime to the single parent earning minimum wage and struggling to raise a child, who will never own a first apartment, far less a million-dollar beachfront vacation home.

Half Moon Bay is a lovely place. When you sit out on a deck watching the sun set over the water, with the forests rustling gently all around you, it's very easy to forget all the other people living lives of desperation and to really believe that BC is the Best Place on Earth.

In the sheltered life that the Campbells live, with gorgeous homes in Point Grey and Half Moon Bay, elegant hotel suites and spectacular aerial views of our province's natural beauty as he flies around for work, politics and play, it really must seem like the best place on earth.

The Premier's investments in property are the same as any other investments in stocks, bonds, etc - they are open to scrutiny under our disclosure rules for Members of the Legislative Assembly.

That transparency is to ensure that the public knows when laws are enacted, votes taken or policies implemented that there is no conflict or perceived conflict of interest - or simply so any citizen who cares to know can find out.

I for one believe Sean's reporting on this is straightforward, factual and respectful - and well worth knowing.

dawn, very thoughtful comment. I would have said the family man is a high earner w/ a second home on the Sunshine Coast. My issue is one of security, of keeping stalkers, harassers and the like away from the Premier & the First Family (they've had to move at least once because of such riff-raff already).

I listened last night to a podcast of Sean being interviewed by Lara Popham (sp?) and he's right when he calls the BCLibs "arrogant" & the BCNDP "impotent". I think you amply explained the former.

Also, in defense of Mary Polak - who is a exception of a few to the BCLib bunch that will tan themselves in retirement in Maui & the Sunshine Coast, I need to add that she grew up w/ a mom on cerebral palsy and sometimes on social assistance. Mary then became a single mom herself and is now a cabinet minister humble enough to race to a Global TV standup the other night in the dark of a city in the middle of a gang war to play defense (to another not-so-smart cut) & not drive an Audi/BMW/Cadillac or bum a Stryker/LAV III wheeled tank.

That given for the record of the blog of record on BC Politics, I want to again applaud your thoughtful comment. Link to the column you wrote about. Have a great weekend - you rock :-).

what is humble about what Mary Polak is doing? regardless of her background or what car/tank she drives, she is making and then having to defend one undefendable decision after another.

Would not the humble action be to admit mistakes or at least not pretend that any of these were in fact thoughtful decisions supported by any semblance of planning or evidence and correct her errors rather then risking life and limb to get her confused and ever changing message out to global... after dark...in the city?

I am trying to rib you Joesph and I am sure I will bait a response, but sometimes saying nothing is a better defense.

Ohh and I think that while even our public figures deserve some privacy, this piece was no where near crossing into personal information. It is news when any famous person buys a house. I also agree with Dawn about our Premiers lack of a grasp on the reality of the impact his decisions have on real peoples lives and her point about how insulated he really is from that reality. This just reinforces that notion.

Bill, I didn't see your comment before I responded. I agree with what you're saying, except for the privacy & security issues. I've always found you pithy.

Andy in Victoria, I quite frankly am about to write up something nice & long about tentatively "The Libertarianism of Mary Polak" (link is to her self outing as a libertarian) because what we're seeing is that flattening of governance in action right now by her. What was humble was her life story and going after Global... in the dark... in a city in a gang war... Otherwise, we agree.

Also in the future, I may wait until 2 or 3 comments pile up before responding. Just fair warning... I have too many irons in too many fires :-).

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