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Burrard Communications Inc. founder Mark Marissen has stepped onto the provincial arts funding battlefield. According to British Columbia's lobbyist registry, Mr. Marissen has signed-up to represent the Alliance for Arts and Culture, effective September 17. According to the service plan for the ministry of tourism, culture and the arts, funding for arts and culture is expected to decline from $19.51 million in fiscal 2008/09 to $2.17 million in 2011/12.


Aaah, Mr. Christy Clark is in.

I think the fix is in for the arts.

Now what about autistics?

See, it was an easily solved problem all along. Arts organizations, you must hire approved lobbyists to represent your case to the provincial government. Forget the old system of sending in applications by mail to anonymous administrators. Do it the modern political way. For $2,000 or $3,000 a day, you can be sure your organization is heard, eventually. Bypass the queues, pay your way to the front of the line. Here are a few of the approved names to choose from:

Sweet. Liberals lobbying Liberals for public money. It's a win-win!

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