At the ready?

Last week, during estimates debate, Forests and Range Minister Pat Bell promised to give New Democrat critic Norm Macdonald a list of the communities that need or have wildfire protection plans by Monday. In fact, Minister Bell said he'd even give Mr. Macdonald information about what work has been done on those plans. "It's just a question of collating that information, putting it together in a format for the member that makes sense so that he can read through the communities that have had that work done and understand what work has in fact been done...We have that information readily available."

This, coming from a ministry that didn't know the Peace River regional district's community wildfire protection plan only covered its unincorporated areas.

So it didn't surprise us that, as of Monday evening, Mr. Macdonald said he and his hadn't received that promised list. "Research had contacted them and asked for it. But we didn't get it by the end of the day," he told Public Eye.

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