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Earlier, we reported the provincial New Democrats have yet to question the Campbell administration's decision to shutdown its early intensive behavioural intervention program for autistic children. But community members have been told that will change today - six days after the decision was announced.


Well, better late than never. I would highly urge a financial plan to get the funding be part of these announcements - and whining about the Olympics is a non-starter, a total non-starter with this government.

Oh and be really careful Maurine, be really careful if I were you who was a Ministerial Assistant to three BCNDP ministers - including the Social Services ministry according to Wikipedia - that they and their colleagues left behind "only a few hundred children with autism who were provided with government funding to give them service - only a few hundred. Right now in British Columbia there are 6,000 children with autism being served through our funding". I'm sure Minister Polak will lob that one again and again and again at 'em... and just slice their rhetoric like a hot knife through butter.

Translation: We need a plan, not rhetoric from you Maurine. You want to get Min. Polak on board? Here's a suggestion - instead of trying to out-scream her jet engine of a mouth, make public a PowerPoint/SlideShare that'll lay out the facts, the positives and a funding plan. May I recommend cutting RuralBC? Or the public affairs bureau? Or capping salaries of public execs to the Premier's? Or finding something innovative like a tax on soda pop?

Bottom line: If you want to save this program, you better have a plan - a real plan. Otherwise, this is all a time-waster.

Mary's job to have a plan.

In another thread, you had a plan - "raise an average of 1.25 cent per person in extra taxes. That would cover the 5mil." I agree.

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