Double take

This could be fun: in its recent throne speech, the Campbell administration said it would be reviewing health authorities, boards of education and Crown corporations - in part, to ensure public funding isn't being used to "subsidize unreasonably high compensation levels or administrative costs." But, coincidentally, the auditor general is presently working on a separate review of Crown corporation executive compensation arrangements that should be released by October. So it looks like those executives will be getting a considerable amount of unwanted attention in the coming months.


This probably just a delaying tactic so that when the AG reports that there are problems they can say that they can't comment because there is a government inquiry under way.

Was govt not aware of the AG's review when the announcement was made?

Why the duplication of effort indeed - hopefully not for the cynical reasons that Bookbinder suggests (or perhaps even more cynically to get out ahead of expected bad news when they heard of the AG's review, to make it look like they're on top of things vs. the ones to blame).

Either way, isn't the object to cut costs vs spending twice as much by having two sets of people do the same review twice? And I think most of us would put more confidence in an independent review by the AG if it comes to that.

Very strange. Time to get out your handy-dandy mini-cam and do some loiterering in the corridors of power to raise some questions on our behalf, Sean.

(And since no one is apparently paying you to do all this great work keeping the public informed, please don't be shy about passing around the PayPal hat to ensure you're getting your bills paid. You're probably saving us all far more in tax dollars in the long run!)

The "Campbell administration" is well aware of the amount of taxpayer cash that's been shoveled into the hungry, gaping maw of its' appointees who they've given "unreasonably high compensation levels" and allowed to grossly inflate "administrative costs." This is just playing "silly bugger" with us.

I'd like to really know where the hell the Taxpayers Federation is in all of this, what a useless organization when you look at what's been done in BC? It's well known that GC and his funky bunch have created a growth industry out of promoting people (often incompetent) and layers and layers of managers and bureaucrats have been created in each Ministry, Crown agency and the other shadowy organizations they've created (ie. BC Ferries, Translink...) where taxpayers don't get to know what happens inside of, or have input into how things are run.

I think the Auditor General's report will be the one to watch and that scares the crap out of government and it should.

For once, I agree with someone who thinks the best political party in BC isn't. Namely "I'd like to really know where the hell the Taxpayers Federation is in all of this"?

Maybe Sean could find out please.

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