A real partnership?

Yesterday, Finance Minister Colin Hansen said the government has already identified a private sector partner to contribute $90 million toward the northwest transmission line. But he refused to name names, later stepping back from that statement and telling reporters the government is only "working with some of these private sector partners to see if we can firm up the dollars that we think are available to help make this project." So who might those partners be? Well, how about Imperial Metals Corp. and AltaGas Income Trust? After all, Imperial Metals has a copper-gold porphyry project in the region. And AltaGas's 195-megawatt Forrest Kerr hydroelectric project is also located in that corner of the province.

So what do those companies have to say about that suggestion? For its part, Imperial Metals stated it always expected to participate in the project. The company will likely pay for the part of the line connecting its mine to the electricity grid - with more dollars potentially being contributed depending on which other partners become involved. As for AltaGas, the company hasn't yet responded to a request for comment.

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