Shot in the dark

Pundit and former provincial New Democrat legislator David Schreck told us he hasn't fired the first shot in a possible future battle to unseat Carole James. This, after proposing the party develop regulations for the election of a new leader. But, speaking on Public Eye Radio, Simon Fraser University public policy analyst Doug McArthur offered a different interpretation: "David is a very clever and smart fellow. This is the first shot. This is the opening of the door. And no one should be fooled by that. It's encouraging the party and membership to start talking about a leadership contest. And that's fine. But this is the beginning of the questioning in the New Democratic Party."


1) Only way I'd root for the NDP is if Sean Holman was leading them... and Mary Polak wasn't leading the BCLibs.

2) Happy to see this from the BCNDP. I feel there are two Carole James - the first the stand-up foster mom who ought to be a role model and the second the BCNDP leader who either is two-faced or incompetent at controlling the radicals. If you suffer through or enjoy this BCLibFan compiliation... you'll see what I mean as to part II very well.

3) Time the BCLibs told Gordon Campbell after the Olympics, he needs to come to grips with reality and realize people will want change after 10+ years of (great) Premiership. The right kind of change, obviously, is Mary Polak's brand of liberalism => moderate libertarianism, that is. But I'm sure the MLA for and of the World Wrestling Federation (Mike deJong) and "The Country Boy" Rich Coleman will run against Lady Liberty who at least has a ton of integrity & moxie who saved Langley Seniors Outreach.

In short: BCLibs need to retool leaders too. Just like after V-E Day when Winston Churchill got turfed, I'm afraid Premier Campbell will suffer the same post-Olympics experience in 2013. I don't know about the BCLibs and BCLib fans here, but I personally want Premier Campbell to go out in style and fresh leadership beat back socialism in 2013!

Otherwise, we'll get at best a very moderate liberal from the BCNDP or worse...

Sean, hate to bother you but your podcast for Sunday the 13th isn't up yet. I missed the show :-(.


Your #1 fan Josef

Downloading podcast at 1504 Hours Pacific as I type... thanks!

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