Peace, love and understanding?

Nine months ago, the Campbell administration announced it was important for urban British Columbians to understand how the agriculture industry contributes to the province's "social, economic and environmental well-being." The reason: "a strong agricultural sector should not only be profitable, but be socially valued to ensure long term viability." This, according to the February service plan for the ministry of agriculture and lands. And that's why the government was measuring and reporting out on public perceptions of that sector. But in its most recent service plan, the ministry has announced it will no longer be conducting that annual survey because its "no longer an appropriate indicator" of whether the government is promoting a "positive urban/agriculture relationship." Fancy that!


In South Delta, residents are coming up against a developer who proposes to build houses on 541 acres of agricultural land. This farmland, formerly known as the Spetifore farm lands was removed from the ALR by the Social Credit government decades ago. It is farm land which has supported abundant crops and prize winning cattle. Zoned agricultural in order to pay cheaper tax rates, the owner, Century Holdings, has let the land lay fallow for years.

No wonder the Campbell government is backing off its survey - it doesn't want to know what people think! Well, South Delta has told the government once, this year, what it thinks of its overall policies by dumping their star cabinet minister Wally Oppal for independent Vicki Huntington. Maybe residents will send their mayor and council a strong message in 2011 by dumping them if the development is approved. Check out

If they are so mad, why don't they split in to 2 too? Like Whiterock and Surrey or Fort Langley and Langley? You could be South Delta Township and North Delta city.

Think about it! You could get rid of that mayor and councillor!!

That's a great idea...North and South Delta don't seem to have a lot in commen anyway, so why not split and North Delta can keep their mayor. South Delta would be able to elect a mayor that represents their interests.

rae & sunny, you guys need to read the news more. The Mayor and 3 of 6 councillors endorsed the Liberals last election. Secondly, provinically we are already split into North and South Delta constituencies. A municipality of South Delta (Tsawwassen & Ladner) would have the same voting patterns as we do now provincially. Your suggestions make no logical sense at all.

agriculteral issues are not a big concern to the guys and gals who are government.

More people are trying to buy local produce but more land is slipping away from the land reserve. Farmers no longer get a fuel cost reduction and many are almost broke. Does Gordo care? Not in the least

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