Campbell supporter bites media

The provincial New Democrats are better known the Liberals for blaming their woes on the media. But, in a letter published today in The Vancouver Sun, former Non-Partisan Association president and self-described Campbell supporter Howie Young complained that, after a "vocal group" announced their support for the harmonized sales tax, "the media took a new tack: '(Premier Gordon Campbell) lied to us in the election campaign.'" After refuting that accusation, Mr. Young then stated the premier "has a mandate to manage this province in the best way he knows how. You may not agree with his decision, but it has been made, so let's move on. If it turns out to be the wrong one, everyone will have an opportunity to cast a vote to express disapproval." Fancy that!


Yeah, about time. Gordon Campbell a liar?

What next...

Carole James honest?

The Speaker's Robe is white?

Mary Polak ugly?

Water is dry?

Christy Clark boring?

Sean Holman not a great journo of our time?

Obviously none of these things are true. Obviously.

Yes, Gordon Campbell and Howard Young both believe democracy means one vote per person every 4 years with no consultation or truthfulness in between. Sort of like a dictatorship with a 4 year term limit.

You are right Josef K, Gordon Campbell is a liar.

[i]"In BC, Campbell ra"n a campaign almost totally rooted in deceit about the state of BC and his plans if elected, with the financial and electoral support of powerful interests including large business.  The obvious dishonesty of the campaign was largely unchallenged by the media and civil society and continues so right up until the present.  In both cases there is the appearance of a general culture of subservience by these important components of society (although in the case of civil society one should not ignore the impact of election law prohibiting challenges to government claims, virtually all of which were lies of omission or commission)."[/i]

...and Carol James is honest.

"I’m probably one of the few “ordinary British Columbians” who has the extra-ordinary habit of watching Question Period (for roughly the past 2 years) and I am often impressed with the work that Carole James and her Caucus do in the legislature. And I am frequently astonished by what doesn’t get covered in the news."

I normally don't feed the trolls, but you are obviously quite desperate, eat up.

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