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In 2005, provincial New Democrats voted to reduce the number of labour delegates at party conventions. But now, four years later, some New Democrats are agitating for the party to improve its relationship with "union members and working people." It's one of five proposals being advanced by the Vancouver-Kensington constituency association as part of a vision to "transform the party into a powerful force for change." The following is a complete copy of that proposal, which has been sent the party executive, caucus members and other constituency associations.

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Today, the BC NDP has an opportunity to be more assertive in building a more effective, functional and relevant party for our members and our communities, ensuring representation at all levels of the party, including MLAs and candidates, reflects the full diversity of the province we live in. As the Liberal government's policies increasingly harm the majority of British Columbians, we must transform our desire for internal improvement into a strategy for meaningful change for the
people of BC, starting now. This process must be democratic and transparent to party members and the public at large.

Personally, in moving past my criticisms of the party in the last election, I'm focusing now one creating the kind of party that can truly transform our province into a vibrant political force in the 21st century.

Below is a draft document asserting a new vision for the BC NDP. It explores democracy within the party, sticking to party policies, empowering members, improving relationships with labour and other progressive groups, all as a part of building a social movement in the party.

The process was endorsed by the executive committee the Vancouver-Kensington NDP constituency association on August 17, 2009 and has been sent around to all other constituencies on the riding presidents' email list for discussion. The document has also been sent to the BC NDP Provincial Executive Committee and caucus MLAs.

The statement is a living document, open to growth, improvement and consensus building. Draft #6 will be coming out in the next few days. Constructive criticisms, suggestions for improvement and additions are most welcome, as are suggestions for where to go with this document and what to do with it. The next draft will speak more to how this process should be an ongoing part of the NDP, and there will be a new section on the party's relationship with progressive businesses and a strong focus on the environment.

So, I invite you to read the document and share it with others you feel are interested in embarking on an inclusive, constructive approach to transform the party into a powerful force for change.

If you would like to take part in discussions on how to turn this vision into a reality in the party, please let me know and I can help you be more involved in transforming the BC NDP!

You can get more information here:

Thank you for your commitment to progressive change,

Stephen Elliott-Buckley
Vancouver-Kensington Constituency Executive


I just wanted to let you know that I will back BC NDP 100%. The Liberal Party for B.C., have lyed to us so many type that I don't beleive a word they say. It's said that our minimum wage is the lowest in all of Canada. Yet B.C. is the most expense Province in Canada. Please keep me informed of what is going on and what you would like me to do for the BC NDP. Sincerely, Chris

It is indeed unfortunate that the BC NDP wants to continue to narrow its focus by giving extra privileges to organized labour. If the NDP would broaden its base into the middle class based on progressive consumer and family oriented policies, they could easily form another government. Going back to the traditional big labour base only conjures up images of the Glen Clarke years in this province. It is this kind of thinking in the NDP that has kept Gordon Campbell in power.

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