Disunity at the Union Club

Premier Gordon Campbell has been hitting some sour notes recently. And he hit another one during a post-throne speech reception for supporters at The Union Club of British Columbia. While speaking to attendees, he took a shot at former premier Bill Vander Zalm, making reference to the Fantasy Gardens fiasco. Given Mr. Vander Zalm's campaign against the Campbell administration's harmonized sales tax, that shot was perhaps understandable. But it may have also been ill-advised, given that many provincial Liberals are also former Socreds.


A number of ex Socreds are now so called Liberal MLA's. They simply go where the money is and the locals want them there

Okay, Sean, a quote please? Hell, a paraphrase will do.

Oh and all this talk about SoCreds... please, the next Premier of British Columbia will either be:

a) Too young and too much of a maverick (and quite frankly too charismatic) to be a staid SoCred (Mary Polak)

b) Too liberal and too young to ever be a SoCred (Christy Clark)

c) Too much World Wrestling Federation/WWF in his soul who also defeated a SoCred leader to kick off a great MLA career (Mike deJong)

There you go. All "top guns", the creme a la creme, the best of the best and all would fill in the shoes of a great Premier in Gordon Campbell (assuming BC's John Howard won't make the mistake Australia's did).

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