A slippery subject

Last week, the Campbell administration announced it would miss its 2009/10 deficit target by $2.28 billion - in part, because of a dramatic decline in natural gas royalties. But, in the first five months of the year, the finance ministry's two top bureaucrats never discussed that dramatic decline with one another or members of the premier's office - at least, in writing.

In response to a freedom of information requested filed by Public Eye, the ministry has stated neither its deputy minister Chris Trumpy nor his successor Graham Whitmarsh sent any such records between January and May 22. Fancy that!

Mr. Trumpy retired in March and was replaced by his associate deputy minister Mr. Whitmarsh.


Asleep at the switch then, we must assume.

Remind us again what we're paying these dopey fellows, Sean, and what kind of pay hikes they got last year?

The key words in your report are "the ministry has stated". Is there even the remotest chance that this statement from the government is true ?

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