A bad combo move

In July, we exclusively told you about the unannounced shutdown of a provincial government-funded Royal Canadian Mounted Police team charged with investigating illegal gambling. But Douglas College gaming regulation expert Colin Campbell said he wasn't sorry to have seen to integrated illegal gaming enforcement team go. "I just thought it was sort of a strange mixture of investigative personnel - the police were being paired with people who were actually in the employ of the ministry that was running various gaming operations," he told Public Eye Radio. "I felt by having a combined investigation force - a joint investigation force - the independence of the police would be compromised by a close working relationship with those people who are making money for the government. And, by in large, I don't think it had a very good track record."

"I think, when the rubber hit the payment, the RCMP officers that were seconded to this unit began to find out that investigating illegal gambling was a very time-consuming, very money-consuming enterprise and did not prove very successful," he continued, adding that four or five senior non-commissioned officers circulated through the position of officer-in-charge of the team quite quickly. "I've always taken that as a sign that that wasn't a happy place to be spending your career."

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