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On Tuesday, the provincial government announced it would be downsizing "under 300 positions." Among those impacted yesterday: 41 employees at Shared Services BC which provides government's information technology, finance, administration, payroll, procurement and supply services. This, according to an email sent from its president and chief executive officer Beth James. That accounts for around 13 percent of the government's layoffs. The following is a complete copy of the email.

Good Afternoon,

As I committed to you yesterday, I am writing today to explain how government's formal workforce adjustment will affect jobs at Shared Services BC.

Today, 41 of your Shared Services BC (SSBC) colleagues learned they are directly impacted by workforce adjustment. Positions throughout SSBC have been impacted: 7 in Workplace Technology Services, 2 in Strategic Infrastructure, 5 in Accommodation and Real Estate Services, 14 in Integrated Service Solutions and 13 in Common Business Services. Of these people, 19 are unionized employees who will now progress through the process prescribed by the collective agreement. The remaining 22 are excluded employees.

I know this is a difficult and unsettling time for impacted employees, their families and colleagues. The SSBC executive, our strategic human resources staff and the Public Service Agency are providing these individuals with the information and support they need at this time. If any of you have questions about the collective agreement process and how it could affect you, please contact Patti Mawer, our Public Service Agency HR Consultant, at 250-387-0339. We will continue to make every effort to support all impacted employees.

As you all know, we've spent the last six months working hard to reduce our staffing costs through consolidation and reorganization. Throughout this process, a large number of employees assumed new work assignments. In addition, a number of staff have been assigned to two new transformation projects that have been selected as corporate government priorities to streamline business processes. I know that change can be challenging and I want to thank all of you who have been part of the job reassignments for your receptiveness to these new opportunities. With these changes, attrition, job matching and other reassignment we have managed to limit job losses in SSBC.

I will continue to provide you with regular updates as we realign our services to respond to the changing needs of clients. Over the course of the fall I will be meeting with as many of you as possible to look closely at the alignment between the work we do and our commitment set out in our service plan to ensure we can deliver on those priorities. I encourage you to be thinking about your ideas and bringing them forward for discussion.

Thank you again for your exceptional commitment and professionalism as we manage through this challenging time together.

Beth James
President and CEO, Shared Services BC

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I do not know about this...I wonder, is this a possibility towards cheaper out of house, country tactic. No trust here for this political party whatssoever.

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