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A funny thing happened yesterday morning: in an interview with CKNW's Bill Good, Finance Minister Colin Hansen revealed finance ministry officials told him during the week following the election that the government's revenues had declined "in excess of a billion dollars." Then, a few hours later, he repeated the same story to the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce during a luncheon at the Hotel Grand Pacific. This, just a day after he told CTV's Jim Beatty he knew those revenues were "under pressure to the tune of about $200 to $300 million" during the election campaign. So why is Minister Hansen deliberately dishing all this information now?

Does it, as The Vancouver Sun's Vaughn Palmer suggested today, have "something do with a flood of applications under access-to-information legislation from the Opposition and various news organizations?" Well, here's what Minister Hansen had to say: "You put out a piece of information just to make sure that that's on the public record. Obviously, I felt it would help deflect some of the scurrilous accusations that had been made. And I guess that sort of leads to more curiosity."


The guy should charge money for his storytelling.

Geez, Sean - you've just burst my bubble and my faith in the ultimate goodness of humanity!

There was I thinking: "Hhhmmm, these guys may be cynical, insensitive, deceitful and power-mad, but at least they do have a conscience hidden in there somewhere that will eventually prevail if you just hold the mirror up close enough!"

My wife got rid of our TV last June and finally I am no longer regretting that move. Great coverage

I am very sure if Colin Hansen were to run to replace Premier Campbell that he'd go up against that Bond girl of a Honourable MLA Mary Polak. Oh and during the first all candidate's debate for the leadership, Colin Hansen would confronted with his changing stories on the budget including the use of PublicEyeOnline YouTubes. How? Try a James Bond fan using a table secretly set up for Microsoft Surface like the latest 007 flick Quantum of Solace.

So Colin... be very careful. You may say you don't want to be leader, but your yarns sure make it easier for some to lay rose pedals on the red carpet and place rainbows over it for your boss to leave his office...

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