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Today, Premier Gordon Campbell responded to questions about the budget. But only after appearing to dodge A-Channel's Shachi Kurl and getting snippy with CTV's Jim Beatty. The scrum followed the premier's admission yesterday that he was told a week before the election "revenues were coming off." Although his understanding was that government could manage those declines "within the budget framework that we had set." During the election, Premier Campbell maintained the government would run a $495 million deficit in fiscal 2009/10. The government is now expecting a $2.77 billion deficit.


The only thing missing was a SCRAMBLE horn for when you guys were chasing Premier Campbell. I thought he loved you guys... guess not. Time he retired after 2010 Olympics.

Of course everybody knows nobody does it better than... and that angel is my pick for Premier.

Hansen and Campbell are getting caught for their unbelievable answers. Hansen never talked to the deputy ended up as at least three talks with the deputy. In Hansens twisted mind it wasn't a briefing just casual chatter. Next time somebody tells you the shortfall is a few hundred millions maybe it could be considered serious enough to ask, "just how much and for how long". But Hansen knows Gordo wouldn't like it if the truth was told so the spinning goes on. Gordo finally admitted he knew but heck folks, the contingency plan will cover it all. Anyone believing those two, should give me a call as I have some bridge to sell

I think that sucking sound I hear is Colin Hansen's credibility going down the drain.

Much as I would love Campbell and Hansen to spontaneously combust on account of their offensive public policy agenda, this is classic BC "gotcha" politics. Think about it. You are Finance Minister and your deputy tells you a week before the election that revenues are off, but they are reasonably confident mitigative measures will make up the shortfall. What would you do?

Budgets are forecasts. They attempt to predict the future. They are often wrong.

If they lied, they should fry. But let's be sure before we insist on a standard of forecasting accuracy no Finance Minister, now or in the future, can ever meet.

Thank-you, Sean, for these video-reports. Campbell's words come alive with his emotion when we can actually WATCH him speak...little bit of angst/impatience/(contempt?) showing through in that broadcast. It's so very different than just reading his words, or hearing some television talking head repeat what he said.
Please, keep it up!

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