Past isn't the precedent

The Campbell administration hasn't increased its $52 million direct forest fire fighting estimate for fiscal 2010/11 and 2011/12 - even though that budget has been blown six times since 2002/03, with expenditures this year estimated at $409 million. Here's Finance Minister Colin Hansen explaining the government's rationale.


Hmm...seems to me that when you budget, you are supposed to budget what you think it will cost, not what you think you can get away with. Just because you're able to increase the budget for that item without going to the legislature doesn't make it a proper budget.

I'm not an accountant, but I've never heard of a "base budget". If my budgeting were done like this I'd be bankrupt. Let's see, this month I will set for myself a 'base budget' of $50 for groceries. Hey, that means I've got lots left over for that new iPod.

First thing a new Premier needs to do is clean out the Finance Ministry. I learned more from this blog than from them.

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