The one percent solution

The number of full-time equivalents in government is forecasted to decrease by 430 or 1.34 percent in fiscal 2009/10 - from 31,874 to $31,444. But the government isn't reporting out on where those jobs losses will come from. In the past, the province has provided full-time equivalency counts for each ministry. But those counts have been removed from the government's budget documents and won't be available until the next fiscal year - at the earliest. That's because those numbers "are currently being reviewed across government." Earlier, the government had committed to keep civil service cutbacks "low and under the original projection of five per cent of our workforce."

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Not true. "The budget promises a reduction of 1,500 jobs over the next 3 years through layoffs, attrition..." says the BCGEU release. The Tyee is reporting 1,083 FTE equivalent cuts.

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