Buckley's medicine

In July, we reported B.C. Pavilion Corp.'s president and chief executive officer Warren Buckley was making 166.67 percent more than he did when he left that same job in 2000. So, in this new era of austerity and government-imposed Crown agency reviews, we asked Kevin Krueger, the minister responsible for PavCo, whether there would be any changes to Mr. Buckley's compensation - which came in at $400,000 in fiscal 2008/09? The answer: "that's the board's responsibility."


Add all the elements of Buckley's compensation together and it comes to $597,438. Part of the extra is $125,000 bonus for bringing in the convention centre only $388 million over budget.

Buckley is not by any means the highest paid public servant. I list a few here:


Watching Krueger in qauestion Period as he tried to BS his way through some questions makes me believe the present government has to pay big money for people to actually have any connection to the likes of Kevin K. Even the Liberal speaker was having a hard time to keep from laughing at the performance. Electing a fence post in that riding would get better results than fumbling Kreuger

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