Don't blame the politicians - blame yourselves!

Are you angry with the provincial Liberals over their decision to introduce a harmonized sales tax? Are you questioning whether the New Democrats have what it takes to form government? Well, recent polling suggests you might be. So I bet you're thinking, "Wouldn't it be great if British Columbia had a viable third or fourth political party? Wouldn't it be great if there was an alternative to the province's predictable left-right politics?" To which I respond, "Wouldn't it have been great if you had voted for electoral reform?" Because, in the last election, most of you didn't.

Most of you voted against an opportunity to put the province's political parties on notice - an opportunity to give an opportunity to smaller parties and independent candidates - keeping both the government and the opposition honest between now and 2013. So maybe you should think about that the next time you vote against electoral reform.


This self camera editorial is so cheezy

Electoral reform would have been great, but why was it such a specific and defined first past the post definition, when it could have been a much more general definition. That I could have voted for. Some of us simply didn't trust the gov't in power to fairly implement a new system that has no hard proof that it works.

Cooked to perfection, Sean! Keep it up!

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