Conservatives polling at two percent

Today, Mustel Research Group Ltd. released a poll showing the provincial New Democrats at 46 percent support, giving them an eight percentage point lead over the Liberals. But what about the Conservatives? After all, earlier this month, Angus Reid Strategies Inc. reported the Tories were polling at seven percent. However, they're not even mentioned in Mustel's latest survey.

In an interview with Public Eye, company principal Evi Mustel explained, "Well, we actually do record the Conservatives at two percent of the four percent (who support parties other than the Greens, New Democrats and Liberals). Our methodology is such that we don't read the party names out. Every polling company has a little bit of a different approach. So I think when you read parties out - as other polls have done - you probably would get a little sort of inflated response for Conservatives.

"I think there's a lot of people who are searching for some alternative right now," she continued. "And I think you could probably conclude this is the right time for a new party to be formed in B.C. since our approval ratings even show that people are not particularly happy with Premier (Gordon Campbell) and also the approval ratings of Carole James are declining as well."

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