Thermal shock

Earlier, we reported Burrard Thermal's closure could hurt Port Moody's bottom-line. But what about Terasen Gas Inc., which delivers the generating plant's natural gas? In an interview with Public Eye, company communications manager Mike Chisholm said "the impact of the closing of Burrard Thermal is indeterminable at the time because we do not know the specific direction government will give BC Hydro, the magnitude of that direction or the timing." As a result, he couldn't say whether Burrard's shutdown might result in Terasen increasing its rates. Mr. Chisholm confirmed the plant is a "large customer" although he decline to specify how much money that relationship makes for the company.


Aside from the dangerous precedent & obvious perils of political interference in over-ruling an independent consumer watchdog, Premier Campbell is opting to blatantly disregard what is in the public's best interest, as determined via an exhaustive, transparent and independent process.

It will be very interesting to watch and see at what point BC Liberal MLAs start to balk at endorsing decisions like this that not only tread way outside their jurisdiction but also blatantly violate the public interest.

The Premier's sudden professed concern re the evils of energy derived from natural gas is entirely at odds with the fact that we're all still being encouraged to heat our homes with natural gas, not to mention the latest discounts the same Premier is now offering to encourage more exploitation of BC's natural gas resources. In short, it's utterly unbelievable.

Perhaps Mr Campbell thinks his latest re-election victory means most British Columbians are too stupid to realize he's closing Burrard Thermal and jacking up the cost of electricity to BC consumers just so that he can make good on his commitments to all those IPPs that finance his election campaigns.

His claim to be doing "what's right, not what's popular," certainly implies that he thinks British Columbians are too stupid to know what's good for them, and that indeed, he's the only one smart enough to figure that out.

Not stupid, Mr. Campbell. Perhaps British Columbians haven't been paying close enough attention. But I think you've got everyone's attention now.

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