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For those who have been following Public Eye's extensive coverage of forest fire budget, can you see what's wrong with this quote from Premier Gordon Campbell: "We did not know in May, for example, the forest fire budget - which was about $60 million, which is based on a 10-year-average - was going to be exceeded by over $320 million." Could it be that the province should have known that budget would have been exceeded? Or perhaps it's the fact the government stopped using a rolling average as of the fiscal 2004/05 budget? Or maybe it's just all of the above?!

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In the August Throne Speech:

"The pace, depth and scope of the economic crisis surpassed expectations. We have been hit by seismic economic shifts that were unpredictable and brutally deceiving in their speed and force."

Unpredictable, eh? I wondered if anyone had at least sent out warning signs so I looked up some pre-election headlines. I posted 14 examples but could have put 114.


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