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Tomorrow, Public Eye is pleased to announce we'll be launching our new look and feel. The present layout has been in place since we went online five years ago. But, 4081 stories later, we felt it was time for something a bit different. So Art Department Design's Victor Crapnell has come up with a redesign that modernizes Public Eye while retaining its muckraking spirit. Let us know what you think!



Hate to rain on your parade but..

While I like some aspects of your new site, the huge honking credit card advertisement at the top left of the column makes it really hard to read and devalues your site. It really takes away from your mudraking..

Can you have your designer switch the wide ads and twitter feed to the right side, and keep a very thin, if any banner on the left side of the screen. The same with the twitter feed. Having moving items to the left of text make it visually difficult to read.

Even putting two columns on the right side and populate it with some more items.

Look at NY Times, Globe and Mail, LA Times, or pretty much any online paper. Not one puts advertising on the leftside because it interupts readability to such a large extent. If you need to increase your banner advertisement, put a banner above the heading, and mix in content on a right column with advertising.

New design looks good, definitely better than the "old" one. A nice contrast to Politico's blue. Clean and readable, perfect!


PublicEyeOnline 2.0 looks great! Like the new colour selection and layout. Quite pleasing to the eye.

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