Cut of the pie

Former Saskatchewan premier Grant Devine said yesterday the Campbell administration should cut taxes if it wants to improve its standing among those who will be stung by the harmonized sales tax. Speaking on Public Eye Radio, Mr. Devine stated, "The province is going to save some money because the feds are going to be collecting this. The province is going to get a big rebate from the feds at least once. And the general public is going to say, 'Look, if you're going to have more efficient government and it's going to be less costly for us and there are some financial benefits flowing out here, we all want to get in on it.' And you've got to think politically and economically how you can make this as fair as possible."

"Obviously, businesses are going to feel - most of them are going to feel - pretty good about it because they're going to get it all back. A lot of consumers are going to feel more upset because they don't get the rebate. But if you're finding people that have significant problems - particularly those who had no tax at all at the provincial level and all of a sudden they're getting taxed - some consideration for them is going to help probably a long way."

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