Can't buy me votes

British Columbians for BC-STV may have lost the recent referendum on electoral reform. But it wasn't for lack of funding. According to a financing disclosure report filed with Elections British Columbia, the single-transferable vote advocates took in $247,681.49 in donations, as well as receiving an outstanding $100,000 loan from Fair Vote BC. By comparison, the No BC-STV Campaign Society raised $11,625.43 and won. Both organizations also got $500,000 cheques from the government to run their campaigns.

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Just because BC-STV raised additional money, that does not mean it is enough to win a campaign or even provide voters with adequate information.

The Liberals and the NDP each ran over 5 million on their central campaign, and received single donations worth more than that.

The biggest challenge is that the NO-STV society spun a bunch of mischievous half truths implying that peoples votes would go to people they didn't vote for, or that one city would get all the seats.

There was no oversight body or even agency responsible for making sure the claims were true or that the governments money was spent on education.

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