How ultra-low can they go?

Earlier, we exclusively reported the legal services society may have to shutdown its poverty law programs next year - in part, because ultra-low interest rates could impact funding from the Law Foundation of British Columbia. But does the foundation have any idea exactly what that impact will be? "The short answer is no," answered its executive director Wayne Robertson.

"We've informed the grant recipients that fiscal circumstances are tight. As to exactly what amount - that's usually something that is talked about at our board planning session when we set our budget. And, of course, we like everyone else will have some pretty serious discussions" about the budget at that session, which is scheduled for November 20.

According to the society's most recent service plan, funding from the foundation was forecasted in January to be $3.2 million in 2010/11 - a decline of $0.5 million over what was budgeted for the present fiscal year.

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