Lost in the woods

Provincial Liberal backbencher Harry Bloy is a bit of a boy scout. A longtime volunteer with the group, he's a member of a regional scouts council, he's spoken at length about the value of scouting and he's even worn his scouts' uniform into the legislature - being awarded the group's commemorative centennial medal in June 2007.

But when he was given an opportunity to stand-up for the group - to publicly oppose putting the harmonized sales tax on fees for camps run by charitable and religious organizations - he program declined to comment on the controversy. This, despite the fact the scouts have said the tax could have a "devastating effect" on camp attendance.

Some might criticize Mr. Bloy for his silence. But I won't. Instead, I'll criticize the system into which he was elected - a system where legislators are whipped if they don't toe the party line, a system that keeps dissent behind closed caucus doors, a system where no one but the party leader can win a free speech merit badge.

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And we call this "democracy" ? Perhaps it is only a "dictatorship with a 4 year term limit".

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