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In their effort to get a harmonized sales tax exemption for camp fees, Scouts Canada may have thought provincial Liberal backbencher Harry Bloy would be an ally. But the Burnaby-Lougheed MLA seems to be remaining publicly silent on the issue.

Mr. Bloy, a member of a regional scouts' council, has honored the group by wearing his own scout uniform in the legislature.

"Generations of children have benefited from scouting and its leaders," he said in February 2008 while commemorating the "life and importance of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell" - the scouts' founders.

"These children are taught positive values that help them become better individuals who can play a constructive role in society."

But, when asked Monday if he supports an exemption for camp fees, Mr. Bloy told Public Eye, "I don't have a comment directly. I'm supportive of all the non-profit groups. But I'm still reviewing the HST. And I can't speak on behalf of government - you can appreciate (that)."

"I believe there will be some reviews of what goes on and how the HST will be harmonized. But I have no comment beyond that."

As for whether he'll help the scouts lobby the government, Mr. Bloy said, "I encourage all groups and individuals - if they have a comment - to write a letter outlining their concern. And a personal letter is always better than a form letter outlining their concern."


Nice whimpy response. What a joke. At least come out one way or the other, but to stand in the middle is typical from a neophyte "fart catcher".

Hmm, it looks like Campbell didn;t even give his own MLAs advanced warning.

Bloy knows if he crosses King Gordo he will lose any perks he has and if he is really vocal will end up as an independent MLA. Those back benchers eally want to move up in the government, and will grovel if necessasy.

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