Camps fired up?

British Columbians must stand up and speak out if they want the fees for charitable and religious camps to be exempt from the harmonized sales tax. In an interview with Public Eye, BC Camping Association president Hartley Banack said, "I don't really see how there can be any other real or meaningful change unless it comes as a wellspring from the end user - which is the client or customer - saying to the provincial government as an individual this is wrong because it's going to hit me."

"I know it sounds pessimistic," he conceded. "And I know I should be saying, 'Yeah, we're going to fight the man and we're going to fight the government.' But, really, I just haven't seen that pattern in the years that Campbell has been in - I haven't seen any success in that."

Nevertheless, Mr. Banack said association executive members will be discussing the harmonized sales tax during the off-season, likely during their October meeting.

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