Are they game?

On Tuesday, the provincial government announced it had been in contact with other countries and the military concerning British Columbia's forest fire crisis. But has the government been in contact with 2009 World Police and Fire Games participants about helping out with that crisis? After all, as of last month, more than 10,000 police and fire officers had registered to come to those games - which got underway on July 31. The answer: "No we haven't," said fire information officer Alyson Couch. "We haven't gone that route yet. We're still in talks with other countries whom we have agreements with. What the firefighters that are there are trained in is structural firefighting - so it's quite different from what we do. So, at this point in time, we haven't gone there...And I don't know if we ever would."


Okay, Sean, are you game?

Is the one, the only rocket-firing, bomb-dropping, flame-throwing Mary Polak?

Is the Sarah Palin game?

Is Gordon Campbell game? Supposedly he's going to try to play for the Canpolaks this autumn?!?

Nah. This perplexes me when you're busy just running up the score against Carole James and Gordon Campbell!

Maybe they could try chartering the Martin Mars water bombers from Sproat Lake.

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