You old softy

In 2005, Premier Gordon Campbell hired his former deputy minister Ken Dobell to advise him "negotiations and discussions related to elimination or modification of the countervailing duties and anti-dumping duties on softwood lumber." And now, four years later, Mr. Dobell is working on the same file for the British Columbia Lumber Council. On June 22, he signed-up as a lobbyist for the council, registering to contact 11 government agencies - including the premier's office - about the softwood lumber trade agreement. Fancy that!


A now deceased acquaintance spent his whole career in law working on aboriginal land claims. Not much was achieved other than very comfortable livings for participants in the process.

Mr. Dobell understands the value of files that never close. Life annuities are available only to the well connected.

Dobbel a lobbyist? Gosh he sure has changed from telling everyone he was a consultant for Gordo not that long ago. wonder if he still trahes emails as soon as he reads them?

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