Willing it to happen

Former Unity leader Chris Delaney is leaving open the possibility of running to be leader of the provincial Conservatives. Speaking on Public Eye Radio, Mr. Delaney said, "I'll never say never because you just don't know...But there will have to be support for it. And that's not because of some big ego thing. It's because I look at it and say, 'If there isn't a will for this third party, why waste your time.'"

"But if people want it and they say, 'We want this party and they want me, then I'll consider it, I'll consider it. But I would really hope there would be other people - maybe higher profile and better than me - that could come and lead it. And, if there is that kind of a groundswell, maybe you'll see some federal MPs or people like that or there's an independent MLA in Tsawwassen - maybe somebody like that would come and lead it. And that would be fine too. I don't have to be the leader."


Hey Chris, be cautious if you sense a groundswell for conservatives, it might be an earthquake.

I can't see any MPs giving up their $150,000 a year job, and Huntington has already stated that she doesn't desire to give up her independent status. Delaney or Vander Zalm are the best bets.

Although Joe Cardoso was the top vote getter for the BC Conservatives at 20%.

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